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Lesson1: What is Edugrade ?

What is Edugrade ?

Guinea Edugrade is a non-profit organization created to upgrade the education program for the Guinean youth. Our main focus in Guinea will be to increase the rate of education by the use of Technology, and by improving Physical Activities that can lead to a better health and consequently lead to a better education. It is a relatively new organization that recognizes the need of improvement of Education in Guinea.

Course contents

Education in the field of “Handling and splicing duct, 1 day”. Fiber and welding theory. Welding of fiber into fiber socket and into cassette. Work in ODF. Air blowing of fiber and nanocable. Installation of equipment at the customers property.


Mohamed Sako is the Founder/CEO of GUINEA EDUGRADE.He is a family man before anything else. He has a Bachelor degree in Human Resources Management with the minor in Business Administration at UMUC. He is also the Inventory manager at Herson’s Kia where he has been working for the past 6 years up to now. He also does consultation for the state department through Global International Language. He is responsible for evaluating the success of new ideas and promotions. He is highly fluent in French and English. He has been involved in most Guinean activities in the DC metropolitan area. His vision of Guinea Edugrade is to upgrade Education in Guinea by providing Technology learning base for underprivileged students, also by promoting Physical Education and Health to his highest level.

About Course

The course is designed for those who want to work with customer installations within Fiber To The Home. The focus is on the workflow from FOS to customers and go fiber splicing, air blowing fiber, fiber welding, working in FOS and installation of equipment inside the customers property.


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